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Latin America – a region long celebrated as a paradise for tourists. Yet, there’s an even richer tapestry to Latin America than initially meets the eye. Within its borders lie valuable and distinctive business opportunities waiting to be seized.

Hello, I’m Karin, the founder of ALKADO. Our purpose is to unlock Latin American markets for European companies like yours. At ALKADO, we boast an intimate understanding of local culture, business intricacies, and a robust network of contacts. This makes us the perfect companion to guide you through the labyrinth of Latin American business.

To European enterprises: envision the boundless possibilities that await in this region’s thriving business landscape. The moment has arrived to tap into Latin America’s extraordinary potential. Delay no further – explore our website at www.alkado.eu and reach out to us. We are standing by, ready and eager. Together, let’s embark on this journey – the time to seize Latin America is now!




Latin America is an extremely diverse and dynamic region, with a rapidly growing economy. For European companies looking to expand their business operations into Latin America, here are a few relevant facts to consider:

  • Latin America has a growing economy, with a combined GDP of over $5 trillion USD.
  • The region has a large and youthful population of over 650 million people.
  • The middle class in Latin America is rapidly growing, creating new opportunities for businesses looking to expand in the region.
  • Several Latin American countries have implemented business-friendly policies and are seeking foreign investment.
  • Several countries in the region have signed free trade agreements (FTAs) with other countries in the region, as well as with countries outside of the region. These agreements are designed to soften barriers to trade, such as tariffs and quotas, and to promote greater economic integration between countries.
  • Latin America has a highly skilled workforce, making it an attractive location for companies.
  • There are many cultural similarities between Europe and Latin America, making it easier to establish business relationships.
  • Latin America is strategically located between North America and Europe, serving as a gateway to both markets.


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My name is Karin Dodič, and I am an EU qualified lawyer from Slovenia. I am passionate about working with European companies looking to succeed in Latin American markets. Whether you are looking to enter these markets for the very first time or expand your existing presence there, I am here to assist you in unlocking the full potential of this exciting region.

My interest in Latin America began when I first visited the region and was captivated by its vibrant culture, warm people, and stunning landscapes. Since then, I have spent a significant amount of time in the region, both for personal and professional reasons. During my stay in the region, I had the opportunity to work in a major law firm, gaining valuable insights into the legal and business landscape of the region, and developing a great network of professionals.

Today, I work closely with a broad network of experts throughout Latin America to offer a wide range of services to companies looking to succeed in the region. Together, we provide invaluable guidance to companies as they navigate the complexities of doing business in the region.

At the heart of our approach is a profound understanding of the cultural, legal, and economic landscape of Latin America. We recognize that doing business in the region requires being open-minded, adaptable, and culturally sensitive. Through our expertise, we help European companies overcome the necessary barriers, making it easier for them to thrive in the Latin American market.

We are ready for you! Let us work together to unlock the full potential of this exciting and dynamic market.

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