ALKADO’s Engagements in Colombia: Building Crucial Strategic Alliances for Successful Business Ventures

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In the dynamic landscape of Colombian business, establishing strong and relevant strategic alliances with diverse institutions is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Over the past two weeks, ALKADO has actively pursued partnerships with key Colombian institutions, organizations, universities, industry clubs, etc. These alliances are pivotal in our mission to foster economic ties between Central Europe and Latin America, particularly in Colombia and Ecuador.

Futurexpo 2024: Fostering Innovation through Collaboration

Alkado recently participated in Futurexpo 2024 at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, a pivotal event for fostering innovation and collaboration in Colombia’s business landscape. The day featured insightful talks by industry leaders, including discussions on AI’s role in business growth and strategies for sustainable international trade. We engaged actively in workshops focused on refining export value propositions and networking with key stakeholders.

Empowering Entrepreneurship: Universidad EAN

Additionally, as the founder of ALKADO, I had the privilege of serving as a jury member at the entrepreneurship course finale at Universidad EAN in Bogotá. This event showcased innovative business pitches from students, reflecting Colombia’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and highlighting potential collaborations in emerging sectors.

Strengthening Partnerships with Colombian Institutions

ALKADO also conducted strategic meetings with key stakeholders at Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (MINCIT), including iNNpulsa Colombia and Colombia Productiva. These discussions, which included the valuable participation of Mr. Hernan Ceballos Gacharna, General Manager of Innpulsa Colombia, focused on enhancing collaboration frameworks crucial for market penetration and sustained growth.

As Director of ALKADO and a representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Primorska for Latin America, I recognize that strong strategic alliances are fundamental to navigating Colombia’s dynamic business landscape. These alliances enable ALKADO to provide tailored support to Central European clients seeking successful market entry and expansion in Colombia.

Our recent activities in Colombia exemplify ALKADO’s strategic approach to fostering economic partnerships and driving sustainable growth. We are committed to continuing our efforts in building robust alliances that empower Central European businesses to thrive in the vibrant markets of Latin America.

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