ALKADO’s Expedition to Panama: Exploring Business Opportunities // Expedición de ALKADO a Panamá: Explorando Oportunidades de Negocios

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We are thrilled to share our recent business expedition to Panama, organized by Coex Corporation and led by our esteemed colleague, Angelica Herrera Muñoz. As the Director of ALKADO, a company dedicated to assisting European businesses in expanding into Latin America, our journey was filled with enriching experiences and valuable connections.

During our time in Panama, we explored various facets of its dynamic business landscape. Visits to logistical hubs like the Port of Balboa, Zona Libre de Colón and engagement with IPL Group, a leading regional warehousing and distribution partner, highlighted the seamless collaboration potential between European and Latin American enterprises.

Participation in renowned trade fairs like Expocomer and Expologistica provided opportunities to discover innovative products and connect with suppliers from around the world. Networking events such as the COEL cocktail reception and receptions hosted by the Colombian Ambassador in Panama facilitated discussions on bilateral trade and investment opportunities between Panama, Colombia, and Europe.

Meetings with key stakeholders at the Embassy of Colombia in Panama and the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, where we were graciously received by Mr. Hardeep Singh Bhullar Dunkley, emphasized the vast potential for bilateral trade and investment between Panama, Colombia, and European countries. Highlighting the importance of networking, we were honored to be hosted by the Colombian ambassador in Panama, Mr. Baquero Pardo, where we also had the pleasure of engaging with Mr. Cristian Duque from PROCOLOMBIA. Their insights and support were invaluable in facilitating discussions on bilateral trade and investment opportunities between Panama and Colombia, reinforcing the significance of fostering international partnerships.

We were privileged to engage with inspiring businesswomen Angelica Herrera Muñoz, Karen Prado, Karen Mora, and Diana Acero, as well as reconnecting with old friends Oscar Neri and Kundan Kanan and forging new alliances, such as José de Sedas from SHIPSAS PANAMA during our expedition. Our interactions with industry leaders and entrepreneurs reaffirmed our commitment to facilitating fruitful collaborations between European and Latin American businesses.

Overall, our expedition to Panama was an enriching experience that will undoubtedly benefit our European clients. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional services and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships in the dynamic business landscape of Latin America.

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