ALKADO’s Radio Spotlight on Bridging Latin America and Slovenia

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Last week, I, Karin Dodič, the founder and director of ALKADO, had the privilege of sharing our company’s vision and journey on the Slovenian Radio Primorski val.

At ALKADO, our mission transcends borders. We’re committed to bridging the geographical and cultural gaps between Latin America and Slovenia, facilitating connections that unlock boundless business opportunities. Our mission is to empower Slovenian enterprises to navigate and thrive in the dynamic realms of Latin America, while offering support to Latin American companies seeking entry into the European Union.

The interview, skillfully conducted by Maja Vojska, provided an invaluable platform to delve into ALKADO’s initiatives and illuminate the vast array of prospects awaiting Slovenian enterprises in Latin America. It was a pivotal moment to discuss strategies for seizing these opportunities and cultivating fruitful collaborations across borders.

I extend my sincere appreciation to Maja Vojska for her insightful questions, which enabled us to engage with the audience and showcase the exciting ventures ALKADO is embarking upon. I also express gratitude to Radio Primorski val for graciously hosting us and amplifying our message.

For those who may have missed the live broadcast, the complete conversation is available on Radio Primorski val’s website: here (clicking on “pogovor”). I invite you to tune in and delve deeper into our journey as we strive to pave the way for mutually beneficial partnerships between Latin America and Slovenia.

Join us as we tune into opportunity, forging connections, and building bridges across continents.

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