Exciting Webinar Recap: Navigating Opportunities in the Colombian Market

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I’m thrilled to share an update on our recent webinar collaboration with SPOT Svetovanje Osrednjeslovenske regije. As the founder of ALKADO, operating between Colombia and Ecuador, I had the privilege of serving as the keynote speaker for this engaging event.

During the webinar, we dove deep into the Colombian market, uncovering a plethora of business opportunities ripe for exploration. We are excited to have shared insights that can pave the way for CEE-market companies to successfully enter these vibrant markets.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to SPOT for their seamless organization of the event, and to all the participants who joined us. Your active participation underscores the growing interest of Slovenian companies in the Colombian market.

We are confident that the valuable information shared during the webinar will empower attendees with fresh perspectives and strategies for success in this promising market.

At ALKADO, we remain committed to supporting Slovenian and other Central European companies as they embark on their business endeavors in Latin America.

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